Teach for America’s “Alarm Zone” for White Educators

Preface As a teacher, I believe that the general public experiences a level of concerning comfort when criticizing educational policies or teachers in general. Society conditions us to believe that teachers are the most docile and intellectually feeble among us, which manifests in think pieces and memes with the punch line that classroom educators aren’t … Continue reading Teach for America’s “Alarm Zone” for White Educators

Resistance Through Teaching STEM

The 2016 presidential election ushered in a series of challenging conversations in my urban classroom. The work we do as educators is inherently political and our beliefs, and biases will undoubtably surface through our interactions with students. Teaching, when done purposefully, can be an act of resistance. After completing my Teach for America commitment, I … Continue reading Resistance Through Teaching STEM

5 Engaging Questions to Ask Teachers

This is a roadmap of the conversation that follows every time I state that I’m a teacher to a person I meet in a bar, Lyft driver, a family friend, or just about any American adult. Person: What do you do? Me: I’m a teacher, I teach at a charter school right now. Person: Oh … Continue reading 5 Engaging Questions to Ask Teachers