10 Reasons You’re Not “Coming Out,” as Conservative

A disturbing trend is gaining traction, in which conservatives posit that their modern, "coming out," experience is more challenging than that of an LGBTQ individual. Folks on the right jump at the opportunity to tokenize white, gay men such as Chadwick Moore, Milo Yiannopoulos, and Adam Levine who affirm this statement by contrasting their Republican … Continue reading 10 Reasons You’re Not “Coming Out,” as Conservative

Resistance Through Teaching STEM

The 2016 presidential election ushered in a series of challenging conversations in my urban classroom. The work we do as educators is inherently political and our beliefs, and biases will undoubtably surface through our interactions with students. Teaching, when done purposefully, can be an act of resistance. After completing my Teach for America commitment, I … Continue reading Resistance Through Teaching STEM

Wanting To Arm Teachers is Inherently Racist

Today students and staff from Parkland will return to their school site after taking several days to process the events of the school shooting. I spent my morning commute deep in thought about this visit to campus and the feelings it must conjure. I've been an urban educator for three years, serving in communities in … Continue reading Wanting To Arm Teachers is Inherently Racist